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How Do Doctors in India Treat Infertility?

Infertility is a depressing condition plaguing a large number of couples around the globe. It is easy to imagine the trauma they must be going through, as they see the reproductive cycle fail month after month. However, advanced medical techniques have opened new doors of opportunities for such couples and it has now become possible to conquer the biggest of problems with one of these treatments. But most of these treatments are so expensive that they are out of reach of many people.

India has come up as a premier medical tourism destination, where a number of healthcare services and treatments, including fertility treatments, are available at half the price, though the quality standards are at par with those, anywhere else in the world. In fact, the country can be rightly caked as one of the fastest growing health sectors across the globe, with its large number of fertility clinics providing the latest and best fertility treatments at reasonable costs. The success rate of fertility treatment in the country is also considerably high. Moreover the rules and regulations of the country are relaxed so that patients from within as well as other parts of the world can take them up without fearing the legal implications of the procedures involving third parties.

Here are some ways that IVF doctors in India treat infertility:


India is one of the top destinations for IVF, with more than 500 infertility treatment centers operating in various parts of the country and some of these are as old as 30 years. They boast of highly qualified and experienced medical staff along with the best infrastructure and advanced medical facilities to yield high success rates.


Surrogacy is completely legal in India and it is quite possible to find healthy and wiling women to act as surrogates, with the cost of the procedure being almost half of that in the Western countries. The success rate of the treatment is increased because pre implantation diagnosis of genetic diseases is also allowed in India.

Sperm/Egg Donation

Another fertility treatment which is allowed and widely practiced in India is sperm, egg and embryo donation. The egg donors must however be between 18 and 35 years old, and they are to be screened for all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and genetic disorders. Similarly, the country has a large number of sperm banks and sperm donor screening is also done on an extensive scale.

Other kinds of treatments such as IUI, ICSI and assisted hatching are also carried out in the Indian fertility clinics, depending upon the condition and requirements of the patients. Gender selection is not admissible, except for the cases where the risks of sex linked disorders are involved. For those who are looking to get fertility treatment in India, it is important to look for a reputed fertility clinic in the country. Success rate also matters and it is better to opt for a clinic which is ISO certified as it ensures high standard of treatment for the patients.

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